Wooden product packaging Molton Brown Retail Display

Molton Brown required wooden product packaging to showcase their products in a retail environment.  We loved teaming up with them, a company that drew parallels with our history and principles . . . a British company born in the 70’s, sourcing ingredients from around the world but resolutely making their products on site, taking as much care and attention to detail now, as ever.  That could all be said about us too!  They’re ethical policy has meant they have never tested on animals, while all our wood is always ethically sourced.

Working closely with their design team, we developed with them this wooden product packaging, a hinged wooden box which drew on their brand heritage but allowed their new products to shine. Created in a premium dark oak we opted to make the box with our seamless construction so that to all intensive purposes the box looks like its manufactured from 2 solid pieces of wood. Only after opening the box do you see the bespoke and tailored compartments and the quality mitering of the boxes construction. Quadrant hinges, magnetic closers and afinger lip for ease of opening add to the boxes quality feel.

Morans Design Number:B-H200
Morans Client:Molton Brown
Designers:Molton Brown & Moran's