Unique wooden boxes for Tomintoul 5 Decades

Part of the development and promotion for Tomintoul’s 50th Anniversary whiskey was the creation of unique wooden boxes for a whisky blend from 5 casks, 1 from each decade of their life.This luxury wooded box brought together many skills, especially for the branding on the front.  The “V” is stained as part of the wood box, with the oak colour fading in and out around it to make it prominent.  Over the top of that the main text is engraved and gold paint filled.

Then the 5 lines representing the 5 decades are digitally printed and spot gloss printed across the front. Inside the oak wood box the HD foam was cutout to the shape of the bottle and top lined with one of Winter’s premium materials. We pride ourselves on our attention to the fine details, the quality of the materials we use and the immaculate execution of the boxes construction. When it comes to unique wooden boxes that house a quality product such as a 50 year old whisky, you need a box that commands quality packaging worthy of this heritage.

Morans Design Number:B-H204
Morans Client:Angus Dundee
Designers:Randak Design and Moran's