Handcrafted wooden box for Fujifilm Digital camera

Fufifilm wanted a handcrafted wooden box for the launch of their X100T camera. The camera has a beautiful classic styling to it, but is at the forefront of new fixed lens compact digital cameras. To compliment this we used a traditional wood in mahogany, but kept a clean crisp design with the shape of the box and lift off lid, and an industrial look with the HD foam lining.  Without cluttering the external design of the box with catches, hinges or even any branding, this understated handcrafted wooden box showcases the camera perfectly.

Simple design but with perfect execution our box reflects the precision quality of the Fujifilm Camera along with the retro quality.

Morans Design Number:B-L115
Morans Client:Fujifilm
Designers:Fujifilm and Morans