Bespoke presentation box for the Ritz Carlton Chain

This bespoke presentation box is purposefully made to look aged, despite coming fresh from the production line. We have perfected replication of the aging process, enabling us to replicate that antique look, without the antique price. By using traditional clasps and carrying handles this custom wooden box retains its rustic old world feeling, even though the box was recently been made. Using our seamless box construction we make the box look as though it has only 2 wooden components further enhancing the quality and traditional feel of manufacture. With ornate raised woodwork to the corners, top and front we give the box that extra special feel of craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Using state of the art laser technology we then engrave the branding into the lid and by utilizing our unique aging process we age the branding at the same time that we age the rest of the box. A satin Lacquer finish is applied to the outside of the wood work to seal all of are artistry into this bespoke presentation box. Replicating the antique mode for a fraction of the price but still retaining traditional craftsmanship.

Morans Design Number:B-H171
Morans Client:Ritz Carlton New York
Designers:Ritz Carlton and Moran's Wood Components