Bespoke Wooden Whisky Box for Gordon and Macphail

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To commemorate what would have been his centenary year in 2019, Gordon & MacPhail released this superb example of Mr George Urquhart’s legacy. The spirit, from one of his favourite distilleries, Glen Grant, was personally matched by Mr George to an oak cask made to his specific requirements.

It was laid down in 1956, the year he became the company’s senior partner. With rich fruitcake aromas and dark chocolate notes, the 62-Year-Old single malt embodies the qualities that made Mr George a master of his craft; patience, depth of character and exquisite taste. The wooden whisky box we created along with the Gordon Macphail team, had to represent these qualities as well.

Wonderful blackened oak set against a vivid red luxury lining make for a dramatic and visually rich wooden whisky box. The Lining in the lid of the wooden whisky box has elasticated straps to accommodate a certificate of authenticity whilst the cushioning in the base gives a snug and secure fit of the premium whisky. A finger lip, gold magnets and matching solid brass butt hinges give the opening of the box a real quality feel and simple clean look. On the outside, white and gold engraving adorn 4 sides of the wooden whisky box to create a striking and bold design.