Luxury packaging boxes for Jumeirah hotel chain

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Made for the Jumeirah Hotel chain these luxury packaging boxes were designed as shouldered lift off lid boxes. This style of box requires precision manufacturing to ensure that the lid is just the right fit for the shoulder element of the base. Striking in a satin black painted finish these custom wooden boxes have a Suedel lining in 2 colors and this lining assists with the beautiful snug fit of the box lid. A laser engraved logo and matching paint infill for the logo gives the box that added touch of sophistication.

When every element of your luxury packaging has to be perfect, the subtlest of details even the physicality of the box lid and its weight need to say quality and consideration. Jumeirah repeatedly choose us to supply these elements. With your box specification agreed and the finest of details noted for manufacturing. Our production facilities in Warrington, UK are geared towards large and small runs. Our staff are given the strictest of quality control guidelines and all members of staff are aware of the high standards we expect from every product not only our luxury packaging boxes, but every product leaving our premises.