Luxury boxes for Clive Christian perfume

Click Here luxury boxes for exclusive perfume packaging B-H209 Click Here luxury perfume packaging for clive christian B-H209 Click Here gold plated hardware and luxury lining B-H209 Click Here beautiful wooden presentation box exclusive perfume packaging B-H209 Click Here luxury wooden box in high build piano gloss B-H209 Click Here gold plated push button catch wooden_box B-H209 Click Here black walnut burl wooden box packaging B-H209
When it came to luxury boxes to package the worlds most expensive perfume, Clive Christian (OBE) and his team came to Moran’s to develop their own exclusive packaging. Extremely honoured we knew we had to meet their renowned and stringent standards of excellence and compliment with our own comparable dedication to our craft. We needed to create luxury packaging that would showcase their perfumes and that enhanced the opulence of such rare and beautiful products. In collaboration with the Clive Christian’s team we developed a wooden box made from black walnut burl wood, the dark subtle contrasting swirls of the burl wood could then be applied with layer upon layer of high build “piano” style gloss. We also applied a electroformed metal crest to the front of the box which was also sealed within our high gloss finish. Our own stringent quality control ensures that each box is manufactured precisely and the boxes push button locking mechanism was created with a gold plated push button, which was engraved with a diamond point crest of Clive Christians unique branding.

The inside of the box was lined with laser cut Nabuka Prestige Perle, which was then applied over a hand rolled cushion of high density foam and Nabuka. With a nod to British design heritage and the commission by 4th Earl of Chesterfield 1694, a diamond point engraved button was used to create the familiar deep button effect seen on the boxes lid lining. This premium lid lining also pulls out to reveal a discreet compartment area for a booklet. Complimentary gold quadrant hinges and gold cover feet are added to give these luxury boxes that extra air of decadent sophistication.