Custom wooden boxes for special items

Click Here luxury custom made wooden box b-h110 Click Here speciality box for keep sake item b-h110 Click Here presentation case for special item b-h110presentation case for special item b-h110 Click Here luxury wooden presentation box b-h110
Certain items have a value, sentimental items, rare items and every now and then these items have need of custom wooden boxes in which they can be presented or protected. This particular wooden box was used to hold an anniversary gift, made from high quality walnut and then applied with a high gloss finish it is truly stunning. Created with a premium baize lining and foil embossed cresting, this box has mitred corners seamless lid construction and seamless base construction, as well as luxury gold hinges.

The inside base lining has split levels for holding various items and extra added details like finger recesses to assist with the removal of items from the box add to its overall quality. With fine details throughout, which add to the overall quality craftsmanship of this box and finished with a high quality sleeve, make this custom wood box a thing of beauty. As specialists in custom wooden boxes, their design and manufacture we have a vast library of designs and variations to create from. When it comes down to our wooden boxes custom made to your requirements we pride ourselves on the care and attention to detail we apply to all our work. Seeing one of our boxes in hand is proof of our dedication to our craft !